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      Pops & Coco are a small independent UK Pet brand, providing dog owners with essentials for their pets including harnesses, collars, leads and toys. We also offer dog walking essentials such as dog walking bags, treat pouches, poo bag dispensers and bowls. We also offer a small selection of cat collars and cat toys, as well as gifts for owners including jewellery and greeting cards.


      As a small business we try to operate in as much of a sustainable way as possible. Being a pet retailer puts us in a responsible position, and it’s a role we take very seriously. The business was developed from a love of animals, and this is our motivation to do our best for them in all aspects of the business from producing long lasting products to ensuring our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.


      In implementing this policy, we are already:

      • Reducing our direct environmental impact by purchasing all of our materials for our handmade products from UK suppliers thus reducing our carbon footprint for transportation.
      • Recycling used electrical items in accordance with the WEEE
      • Providing sustainable packaging for our customers. Postage packaging for orders is made from fully recyclable materials.
      • Removing unnecessary packaging before shipment. We remove all unnecessary packaging from our items before we send to our customers and recycle it ourselves.
      • Reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the quantity of purchases from abroad suppliers. We aim to reduce this by half by 2025.
      • Minimising waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
      • Re-using over 80% of cardboard shipping boxes to re-distribute our goods.
      • Using recyclable office materials for day to day operations including ink and paper
      • Using leather alternatives such as polyurethane
      • Using fully recyclable bags at our outdoor events if they are wanted from the customer




      Further approaches we are currently taking to become more sustainable include:

      • Encouraging existing suppliers to use less packaging around our products during transportation.
      • Encouraging customers to recycle packaging materials by using easily identifiable recyclable packaging options like cardboard.
      • Screening future suppliers mitigating as much negative environmental impact through our supply chain as possible